Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Double M's Banner Rug " Stormy and baby Jackson"

Finally Finished Sweet Stormy and baby Jackson or as Hubby calls it "A Mothers Love"( Baby Jackson is one of stormy's boys we decided to keep I couldn't let them both go) Banner Rug Stormy and Baby Jackson were Drawn by my Hubby ,Flowers and Border drawn by me, allHooked by me, I think hubby and I make a great team, check back for a tutorial using raw wool for sheep , with my new rug Gentle Gracie in the pumpkin patch,I love to make Rugs of my very Special sheep using their own wool to remember them by for years to come, As Sheira the Matriarch gets older I am more and more glad that I made her rug, on the back label I added some things about her character that makes her so special.

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